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ROADS is the free of charge online community for driving enthusiasts. Regardless of makes or models, it connects passionate drivers from around the globe. It helps you find the world’s most epic routes and simplifies planning your next road trip adventure.

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ROADS is designed for people who love to drive. Create your own profile and become part of the ever-growing driver community. Build your own network, share driving-related memories, showcase your cars in the virtual garage and join the conversation.

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Record your road trips and share them with likeminded people. Thanks to the custom-designed in-app navigation with Apple Car Play support, you can enjoy a confident scenic routing along the way. Together we build the world’s largest catalogue of epic routes.

Simplify your road trip planning

Instantly generate a road trip with our innovative route generator. It provides you with an exciting scenic route between any destination and starting point of your choice. Thanks to the route generator, your next drive is just a few clicks away.

Discover new destinations

Be inspired by exclusive stories for passionate drivers. The built-in digital magazine DESTINATIONS lets you discover unique places for your next drive. Find your upcoming destination and share your experience with the community.

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ROADS is free of charge and open for everyone who loves to drive. Simply click the button and download the app on the App Store today.