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The scenic route generator

You love driving and want to discover your next scenic routing adventure without wasting your time on planning and research?
Then ROADS is the right companion for you.

Discover and drive the best routes with the ROADS App!

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With ROADS you can easily generate exciting scenic drives with the click of a button – in front of your doorstep and all over the world. Discover new routes today and be inspired for your next drive.
Alone or together with likeminded people.

What is ROADS?

Based on unique insights from our professional network of drivers, we have extracted the bare ingredients of what makes a route drive-worthy and wrapped them in a beautifully designed, free-of-charge application for you to access and enjoy every day.

Thanks to the premium routing intelligence of ROADS, you can turn any possible connection between two or more locations into a striking scenic route and share it with your friends.

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Navigate with ROADS

With the built-in navigation, we ensure to get you out of heavy traffic areas as fast as possible and provide you with a driving experience that respects speed, road types, environments, curvature, slope and many more ingredients.

And since ROADS is fully compatible with Apple CarPlay, you can use it directly in your car’s dashboard.

Brought to you by Porsche.
Available for everyone who is passionate about driving.

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Scenic driving adventures right at your doorstep

The personal dashboard of ROADS provides you to with a super simple overview of all available routes, POIs and people based on your the location of your choice.  It also allows you with a shortcut access to the ROADS route generator based on popular presets.

App Teaser showing the dashboard of the roads by Porsche app
Personal dashboard in ROADS by Porsche shows scenic roads nearby

Generate breathtaking roundtrips

Thanks to the revolutionary routing algorithm, the next roadtrip is just a click away. Choose desired drive-time and direction and ROADS will come up with an inspiring route to drive.

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Define time and direction and let ROADS generate a scenic route for you

Discover community routes in your area

ROADS is a favorite of passionate car drivers from all around the world. Regardless of makes and models, the community collaborates on a stunning global catalogue of epic routes. With the help of ROADS, the sharing of routes has never been easier.

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Navigate from A to B the scenic way

Navigate from A to B the scenic way

You want to go from A to B in the most scenic way? No problem for ROADS. Generate instant scenic connections between two or more waypoints. No matter where you are. And no matter where you want to go.

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Connect with likeminded drivers

Connect with likeminded drivers

Driving together is more fun. With ROADS you can find likeminded people in your area to connect with and enjoy scenic roadtrips with your friends. Become part of the many available user groups around the world or create you own.

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Connect with likeminded drivers in groups